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11/13/2021Category : new


We specialize in the valuation of contaminated properties with a diverse list of clients and various tasks. Devastation such as smudges, asbestos and water pollution significantly reduce the value of the property and we are able to accurately estimate it.

Highest & Best Use

The analyses carried out by E-Value guarantee that the project will provide the highest value of the land. Our experts are always ready to advise you directly.

Mass Appraisals

The implementation of the GIS that we use for valuations is very helpful for mass evaluations. It also helps to effectively cooperate with the granting of mortgage loans.

Market Studies

We are constantly improving our market research, which includes, among others, analyzing the specifics of real estate, comparing costs and researching housing demand.

Risk Analysis

We use comparative analysis to determine market forecasts. Working with our clients, we always calculate the financial analysis using appropriate indicators.